Thursday, April 28, 2011

Take a look it's in a book....

I am not usually a picky person. At least I don't think so... maybe you all would say differently.

But one thing I am very specific about is what kind of books I will actually read.

I love action movies, documentaries, personal heart breaking stories about real life people
- but once again in movie form.

But when I pick up a book, the only way I will actually read through the whole thing is if it's: Light, easy, kind of cheesy, fiction, has spiritual overtones, and it has to be seriously funny.

Oh and I am not usually into time period books, unless they follow the above requirements. Which most of the time does not go hand in hand, except for Lori Wick. I can't help myself I love her writing.

Yeah, I know way to particular.

So do you have any Authors or Books you could suggest? I know I am being picky, but feel free to suggest anything. I wont put it down :)

For the past couple of years now I have been addicted to Erynn Mangum books. She has two series out, and is working on a third. I can read her first series The Lauren Holbrook series over and over again. They never get old, and amazingly seem even funnier then the last time I read them. If you too are interested in Light, contemporary, christian, fiction, and books that make your guts hurt you laugh so hard. This is the author for you!

Ok I just felt like one of the kids from reading rainbow that talk about there favorite books. Yeah I always wanted to be one of those kids.

Of course you don't have to take my word for it :)


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