Wednesday, April 6, 2011

If I was a talented song writer, I would write a really cool song about the 3 month Blues...

This is the first place I have lived in a long time that I immediately felt connected to. I just knew with every ounce in my body, that this is where I was suppose to be. Let me tell you, that does not happen very often with me. Usually as soon as I move some where new, I start thinking of where I will move next. I always knew there was something bigger & better just waiting for me out there. So when I moved here, I was amazed and very thankful when that feeling never came. Everything was just so perfect, and exactly what I had always hoped for, why would I want anything else?

That's when I hit the 3 month blues (cue really cool blues song)....

It all started when I was skyping with my 17 month old nephew, Elijah. I spent the WHOLE 1st year of his life a backyard away from him. I was there when he first rolled over, when he first chased me around in his walker- gut laughing the whole time, and I was there when he came up with his unique style of "Scooting" around (his version of crawling, but on his butt...) So needless to say, I miss him- greatly. But as I watched him move around, talk, and laugh on my computer screen I felt as if a part of me had died, something I will never see again. It's hard to explain why, but I guess it is just like any mother or father would feel. The feeling that there little baby is no longer a baby. The next time I see Elijah he will never be the same toddler I knew in January.

That really started my thoughts that I am no longer here just visiting. That two years is a long time. And that I really love & miss my family.

So to get myself out of this funk & back on track to why I am here, I have come up with a list of things that I have just realized I LOVE:

~ That Polish shoe stores totally get my style & are very affordable- ok, this might be a bad thing.
~ Making and drinking cappuccino's
~ That it only takes me 10 minutes by tram to be in the most beautiful city in Europe (my opinion)
~ That art here is more then just what you do, it's a way of life (Even if that sounds like a bumper sticker)

Ok that's all I got for now, soon & very soon I will be back into my usual love of this place.

Hope you all are well, 
and if you have sunshine your way could you please send some here.  
That would be awfully kind of you :)    


  1. I want to see some pictures of these polish shoes! Oh and I love you blog :o)
    Have fun in Ireland! Words cannot express how happy I am that you will be spending time there! Miss you Em!

  2. I wanna see these Polish shoes as well! I need a picture to get wooden shoes outta my head. (I have no idea why wooden shoes come to my head, considering they are dutch...i think...)