Monday, May 9, 2011

So not sure if I have ever told any of you about this before...

So I like to write. I guess that is pretty obvious now since I have two blogs :)

But ever since I was little I have been coming up with these stories in my head, and about 5 years ago I started to write them down. Ever since then I have been fiddling with them. Some have become kind of interesting, some have gotten deleted and started over again, and some were just plain stupid.

I have been working on 3 stories a lot since I have been here. For the most part I think they are ok, but unlike other creative outlets I am interested in, I have a HUGE fear of showing anybody my writing. Only one person has ever read one of my stories and that was my mom. She really liked it, but she's my mom - I have a feeling she will like anything I do.

So obviously if I ever do finish these books, I am going to have to get past this fear, especially if I want to get them published one day.

Do any of you have suggestions on how I can get past this hurdle?

I am just so scarred that everyone will think they are horrible. They will never look at me the same, because I made them read something incredibly stupid.

I know I am worrying too much about it, but to me it is so different then my paintings or photographs being critiqued. My writing is just so personal to me, because it is like I have lived these stories for years as I have thought through each part.

Being published is definitely a goal I want to achieve one day.

So I am going to go out on a limb here, if any of you are interested in reading a rough draft of one of my stories I think I am ready to hear what you think.

But please o please be honest with me.

I dont want to be like one of those horrid singers that try out for American Idol, and fully believe they are THE BEST singer ever.

I guess the only thing I would ask is if you would tell me the truth but nicely. Ha, if that's even possible.

Oh and if you know more about writing, like how things flow, where the story should go. I would also love to know those kind of things. Oh and me & Grammar never got along very well, so you will probably see a lot of those kinds of mistakes :)

Ok before I start spilling out all the things I know I did wrong, just let me know if you would like a copy by leaving me a comment or e-mailing me at

Love you all so much, and me even telling you this proves that big time :)

Hope you have a wonderful week!