Saturday, August 4, 2012

Music Obsession of the Week: 1

Yes it might be strange to add a little music to a page that has pretty much zero to do with music. But I felt a random pull so here we go and yes I know it's been like a year since I did anything with this page. My apologies, my liege.

This week was a slow one for me. Because of the summer we had very few people at the coffee shop I volunteer at. When this happens that means there is a whole lot of time to do- well nothing.

But as slow as the job felt, my musical obsession wasn't slow, not at all. I have been going back to my southern classic rock roots lately. It all started with an accidental listening to "Hold on" by Alabama Shakes. Oddly enough I am from Alabama, but the 18 years I lived there I never enjoyed Alabama as much a I did when I heard this song. But today I am not talking about the greatness of Brittany Howard. I am speaking of the song that has been at the top of my shower playlist every single day this week.

Them. Not they and definitely not those. But Them, a band from the 60's which has more soul then I have seen in a suit in a really long time. I was told of this lovely soulful classic from my roommate who mentioned to me at the beginning of this week "that she had a song that was so Emily". Not exactly sure what thing fit in the "So Emily" category, but this in her mind did. But oddly enough in my mind it did as well. Because hello, it is crazy awesome.

Well enjoy, Them and have a lovely day!