Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And Finally the Sun Shined.......

So you wanna know something funny?

I keep writing posts in this blog, but then I realize everybody should hear it so then I transfer it to my other blog.

Ha... So why was the reason of having this 2nd blog again?

Oh yeah, so I can feel free to write mean-less, topic-less post just like this.

Yep.... feels nice.

So it has been a interesting road this past two weeks for me. Lots of confusion, frustration, and a surprise ending of perfect harmony. But today I find myself back in normal routine. Making Cappuccinos, warming up tart pastries in the toaster oven, and doing the dishes. It is nice to be in a routine again. It has been a while for me, and for a girl who likes to have freedom to do what I want - I have missed my routine greatly. We have not had too many customers so far, so I have a lot of time during the day to read and update my blog (Exhibit A). It has been nice, taking time to get to know the two girls I work with better. They both are so sweet, but completely different. Hmm.... how would I describe them? One always has the perfect outfit on, everything goes together. She just exudes grace. The other is more Indie-rock. If that makes since. Like she still wears all the arm bands from past concerts, very relaxed, and knows pretty much any Indie band out there. They both are such hard workers, and can't wait to see the shop really up and running.

I love waking up knowing I am doing what I always wanted to do. It's a pretty grand feeling that I hope everyone feels sometime in there life.

So I know this might be kind of random or weird but did you ever have a thought of what you would be doing when you were older? Is it completely different, kind of the same or exactly what you thought? Let me know! I wanna hear your thoughts on this one....


  1. The other girls sound like fun! Except I'm always kind of jealous of people who always have the perfect outfit...I never have the perfect outfit. I wear whatever is at the top of my shirt drawer and whichever shoes I left on the floor the night before.

    When I first started working at this coffee shop I really enjoyed it. Make sure you always keep busy even when you don't have customers or you will get so bored! I read books, research stuff on the internet, play with my iPod or pace around my stand to get some exercise. I even have a 10 pound weight for when I wanna do my arm curls :)

    I know exactly how you feel (& Erin mentioned that too) about feeling like you are right where God wants you to be! I'm looking in to options to replace the coffee shop, but in my other job and in the volunteer things I'm doing now I feel so fulfilled! I'm gonna write a blog about it soon! Love you frond!

  2. Hahaha, well, I was going to be a veterinarian and help all the elephants and tigers in Africa. Or become a marine biologist. Or archeologist. Way off. Except the Africa thing. haha. But I still want to do so many things. I want to be a full-time missionary but I want to do all this other stuff on the side like: Write a book, write poetry, draw, create a graphic novel, sing and play guitar all the time, Hike through Europe (while being a missionary, haha) Own a sailboat, Live on that very sailboat, sail around the world in that same sailboat, pop bubble wrap for an hour and etc etc etc. Insane. I hope I can get to all of that....