Wednesday, September 14, 2011



verb (used with object), -ized, -iz·ing.
1) to give new life to.
2) to give new vitality or vigor to.

So about once a year I find myself in a slum....
Ok- not very poor living conditions. But I find myself just kind of deflated. Like for some reason suddenly what I once enjoyed is no longer fun. Well recently I have been in that kind of funk. Maybe it has been because I have been gone now for almost 9 months or that I have been living alone for the last couple of weeks. Whatever it has been, I am not a fan. I am ready to restart, and live life fully. Like I should be. So I recently got back on track with devotions, sadly those had become every once in a while instead of every night. I am also really trying to get out and do some kind of movement eachday. I am not going to say full out exercise, because honestly I do not have the time or the want right now, maybe someday but I am not there yet. The last thing I have finally decided to start doing is eating better. I am just going to be honest with you- I LOVE FOOD! and oddly enough I am always hungry, so I am always eating. But most of the time I only end up eating really horrible stuff for you. Because well hello it taste good & because it's usually super fast & super cheap. My favorite. But I know on the physical side of things, I need to change what I eat. Not only because I have gained way to many pounds recently but also because it might be my last resort on my always present acne. 

So I have ABSOLUTELY no idea how to eat healthy, cook healthy, or anything in the healthy region.   if any of you have any suggestions, ideas, or maybe some tips I will welcome them with open arms. Oh and especially at first when I am still getting use to this new world, simple & easy is really good for me. Because I know if all I can find is complicated recipes, I will most likely go back to my lovely unhealthy life very quickly :) 

Ha, well hope you guys are having a great september!!!!!! 

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